Media Troubleshooting

The tribute viewer is powered by 3 main programs, Windows Media player, Quicktime and Real Player. If you do not have all of these programs installed you may have to download additional software to view the tributes. This goes for Video and Audio only.

Windows Media Files

Windows Media files are usually end in .wmv or .avi all you need to view these files is windows media player which comes installed on windows systems.

When trying to view a video tribute and you are seeing no video, green video or no sound with your video this can be fixed by downloading the DivX codec pack by clicking here.

Quicktime Files

Quicktime files usually end in .mov and is a format made by the apple company to view video. If you are having trouble viewing .MOV files then download the Apple Quicktime Player by clicking here.

Real Player Files

Real player files usually end in .rm or .rma, if you are having trouble viewing this format you can download the Real player by clicking here.