Brooklawn Memorial Park >> Floral and Park Regulations

Brooklawn Memorial Park is a garden of lawns, trees, shrubbery, flowers and statues planned in every detail to give comfort and hope to the living and insure the safe and dignified resting place of loved ones for all time. The following regulations have been adopted to protect this beauty and dignity:

One living floral arrangement per interment is allowed during the grass growing season.

All artifical flowers and decorations of any type are not permitted at any time in order to insure the safety of our grounds crew operating power equipment.

Flower baskets must be limited to 12 inches in diameter and window boxes to 24 inches in order to facilitate handling at mowing. If there is no bronze memorial, both types must have 4-inch legs to be placed on the grass. Metal containers should not be used to prevent rust from staining the bronze. Glass containers and clay pots may not be used at all.

During the grass growing season, all bouquets must be placed in vase containers and all potted plants in baskets or window boxes. All others will be removed, including urns and jadinieres of all types.

Planting of any type whatsoever is strictly prohibited. A charge will be made to the Lot Owner for expenses incurred for repairs to the grass. Flowers may not be planted in the urns of the bronze memorials. These will be removed, the urn cleaned and inverted into the memorial.

Winter decorations will be allowed from November 15 to March 15. Bronze memorial vases cannot be used for winter decorations as they must be inverted during this period to protect them from winter conditions.

Flags and flag holders will be permitted only during the 14 day period - seven days before and seven days after - the Monday Memorial Day holiday and the week of Veterans Day, weather permitting.

Park employees have the authority to remove any items that are contrary to these regulations or have become unsightly and no longer contribute to the beauty and dignity of the cemetery.

Brooklawn Memorial Park is not repsonsible for items removed.

Bronze memorials should not be cleaned with any soap, detergent, abrasive cleaner or any cleaning agent, rough brush, steel wool or any rough material. Clear water and a soft cloth or sponge are all that should be used. Please contact our office for information on professional restoration.

Dogs are not permitted in the Park unless confined in a vehicle.

The speed limit is 10 (ten) miles per hour on all cemetery roads and no person shall drive on the lawns under any circumstances.

Brooklawn Memorial Park is closed from sunset to sunrise.

The entire staff of Brooklawn Memorial Park is ready to help whenever needed. We very much appreciate the cooperation of Lot Owners and are grateful for any suggestions to help keep Brooklawn beautiful.