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Do I need to consult with a funeral director?
Absolutely. A funeral director is an expert in all of the decisions and plans that need to be made during this difficult time, including memorial plans and transportation of your loved one. By Maine state law, funeral homes cannot own and operate crematories. You will need a funeral director to arrange cremation for you.


Can I visit Brooklawn Memorial Park and Crematory?
Yes. We welcome visitors anytime. Our first priority is to respect the remains of the deceased, so we may need to ask you to wait until we have completed a cremation process before you enter the facility. We would also be happy to make arrangements for you to be present before, during or after the cremation of your loved one, depending on your wishes.


What are my options for after the cremation?
Your funeral director will advise you on this decision as well, but you should know that you have a wide variety of options. Rather than being restricted to a cemetery, memorial services can be held at a funeral home, a place of worship or even a place that is significant to your family. Cremated remains can be interred in a cremation niche or a cemetery plot, or they can be retained by one or more family members or scattered at a spot that has meaning for you and your loved one.


How do different religions view cremation?
Most major religions approve of cremation. Seek the advice of a religious leader in your faith for specific information about how your religion views cremation.


What are some of the reasons to choose cremation?
Many people choose cremation because it is a family or religious tradition or because it allows them greater options for a final resting place. Cremation is also an environmentally conscious choice as well as an affordable option.