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Generations of families have trusted Brooklawn Memorial Park and Crematory when memorializing their loved ones. It’s a tradition that started decades ago with Brooklawn’s park superintendent, Maurice Tanguay. Tanguay had a lot of ideas about how Brooklawn should be run, how it should look, and the best way to honor the people who came there.


David Morgan, Brooklawn’s owner, also grew up in the tradition of caring for families. His father, William Morgan, was the Executive Vice President of one of the largest private cemeteries in Massachusetts, where David worked as a teenager. In the early 70s, William came to Brooklawn as business manager and worked with the Tanguay's to expand Brooklawn’s facilities and services.


For more than four decades, the Tanguay's and Morgan's have worked together for Maine’s families. It’s a tradition that continues today— with David, Todd Jensen (Maurice's son-in-law) the new Park Superintendent, all the Tanguay family who work at Brooklawn, and the rest of the staff who are considered family, too— that Brooklawn is a family place with a family tradition.

Our website is designed to last because the memories of your loved ones should last. Use this website freely to mourn and celebrate the life of your loved ones so they may never be forgotten. 

We hope that your visit to Brooklawn Memorial Park is a comfortable and memorable one. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call or email us.

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